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with CASHe

Save big when you shop on Big Bazaar and also pay later with CASHe’s shopping loans at 0%* interest and easy EMI’S.

Download the CASHe app on your smartphone

Go to the play store or app store and download the mobile app

Download The CASHe App

Make your profile

Upload the necessary documents and fill the personal & employment details

Download The CASHe App

Click the ‘shopping icon’

Download The CASHe App

Apply for the ‘Big Bazaar Shopping Loan’

Select Big Bazaar from the options on the screen

Download The CASHe App

We will verify your details and if any extra information is needed our agent will get in touch with you

Download The CASHe App

Shopping loan disbursed to Big Bazaar wallet

Once the loan is approved, the money is then credited to a Big Bazaar voucher which can be redeemed when you shop online on the Big Basket website or mobile app.

Download The CASHe App

Shop online at Big Bazaar

Shop Now Pay Later

Get 0%* interest with easy EMI’s

Easy application process and instant disbursals

How to make the most of the Big Bazaar Buy Now Pay Later on CASHe?

You can use the Big Bazaar Buy Now Pay Later and shop online for your daily required groceries, apparels and house supplies. You can make purchases instantly and pay for them at a later date in easy EMIs.

Big Bazaar Buy Now Pay Later with CASHe

Fatima recently shifted into a new house and she was aware that there were no groceries or household supplies. She realised that with her current bank balance would not be able to entirely fund the shopping expense so decided to take a personal loan. She had used CASHe before and was very comfortable with the app. Recently, she came across the Big Bazaar Buy Now Pay Later offer and was curious to know more

She logged on CASHe mobile app and checked out the different
Buy Now Pay Later options that were available and proceeded with
the Big Bazaar Buy Now Pay Later deal

She opted for a loan of Rs. 10,000 since that would cover her for 2-3 months worth of supplies and it would be easier to pay back the loan to CASHe in EMIs

As soon as the Big Bazaar Buy Now Pay Later was approved
and the amount was credited to her Big Bazaar account.
She used this to buy all that needed without having to
worry about the total cost.

There was still enough left in her wallet to utilise for another shopping spree on Big Bazaar.

Big Bazaar Buy Now Pay Later Options

1 year for each voucher issued

Valid at all Big Bazaar/Food Bazaar/Fashion @Big Bazaar & Hyper City across all online stores

3 Instalments of 30 days each with 7 day interest-free grace period for each instalment

6 Instalments of 30 days each with 7 day interest-free grace period for each instalment

₹1,000 for 90 days, ₹6,000 for 180 days

₹60,000 for 90 days & 180 days


How does the CASHe loan help when you shop online on Big Bazaar?

The coolest feature of the Big Bazaar Buy Now Pay Later with CASHe is that the money you apply for gets instantly credited to your Big Bazaar wallet. Redeem the voucher and spend on the things you need now and pay back CASHe later in easy & pocket friendly EMIs.

What can I buy on Big Bazaar using the Buy Now Pay Later Option?

Big Bazaar has offerings for men, women and kids with categories such as home furnishing, apparel and home essentials to shop from. The Buy Now Pay Later feature can be utilised across all categories.

How do I avail the Big Bazaar Buy Now Pay Later?

Just follow these simple steps: Log on to the Big Bazaar website or Download the app > Complete your profile > Click on “Shop” button > Apply for “Big Bazaar Buy Now Pay Later” > Get the loan disbursed to your Cash Vouchers redeemable at Big Bazaar website that can be utilised when you shop online for groceries, apparels, and more.

How much can I borrow and what is the interest rate?

You can get a Big Bazaar Buy Now Pay Later from INR 3,000 (90 days) or INR 6,000 (180 days) to INR 60,000. You can pay back in 90 days at 0% per month interest rate or in 180 days at 0.5% per month interest rate.

How long does it take for the loan to get approved?

As soon as your documents have been uploaded and verified, the Buy Now Pay Later Feature will get activated for you to use on Big Bazaar.

How do I pay back the Buy Now Pay Later?

Once you choose your repayment plan, you can either opt for the auto debit facility or make payments through NEFT/IMPS/UPI. Please note that we do not accept CASH/CHEQUE for repayments.

Please write to if you need further assistance.