CASHe - Guide on Personal Loan for Travel and Holidays CASHe - Guide on Personal Loan for Travel and Holidays

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Guide on Personal Loan for Travel and Holidays

We all have our dream destinations we wish to explore. Our to-do-list of places is always long. With so many beautiful destinations in India and around India, the urge to not travel is hard to resist. From North India to the South, From East to West, the beauty of India is in abundance. You explore the beautiful beaches in Goa, Karnataka or Kerala or you can explore the mighty mountains of Himalayas. India also has some beautiful forest areas which one can explore if you love nature.

If you are short on money to plan your next trip and wondering how will you manage the expenses, we have got you covered. One can also apply for personal loan in goa, and may more cities and also can take a short personal loan from CASHe to fulfill their travel plans. Your flight tickets or stay or other expenses can be covered via a short term loan.

About the hassle-free Loan App process:

The best part is that CASHe will let you get a loan hassle-free. You can get a personal loan on the same day of application. The amount is directly disbursed in your personal savings account once the loan is approved. The process of application is quite simple. This involves minimum paperwork. Which means you don’t have to stress much about the loan and can focus on planning your trip.

The documents you will require to get a loan are the basic ones. You need to have your identity proof, address proof, and income proof documents. For your identity proof, your passport or aadhar card or pan card or driver’s license will be valid. To show your address proof, you can submit a passport or rental agreement or utility bills. Your bank statements and salary slips for 3 to 6 months will be required to avail of a quick loan.

If you are wondering how to apply for personal loan, this will help you:

Download the CASHe app the loan app your smartphone and register yourself with your basic details. Once the registration of your profile is completed you can fill in the details like the amount and the duration of the loan. The next step is to upload the documents required for the process. The app takes some time to study and verify your documents. Once your application is approved the amount is directly transferred to your account.

The interest rates charged are low since they are short term loans. Everyone can get a personal loan as long as you are a salaried employee with a registered company. Also, you need to be 18 and above to get a loan. The interest rates offered are quite competitive, which means you won’t end up paying more.

The entire process of the loan will just take 20 minutes of yours. You can apply for a loan sitting at home or office. Since the complete process is available online 24x7, you can access it whenever it is convenient for you.

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