CASHe - The CASHe Loan App for Your Month-End Money Crisis CASHe - The CASHe Loan App for Your Month-End Money Crisis

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

The CASHe Loan App for Your Month-End Money Crisis

Are you left with 500 bucks in your savings account and still 7 days before the next salary credit? And you wonder where did all the money go? Overspending during the first half of a month has been a noted trend amongst the young salaried millennial group. A month-end can leave over spenders of this group worried by a money crunch,with little or no cash in their savings account. And then comes the period of surviving on instant noodles. Just as you were about to eat them, your roommates eat away your share.You get used to this month-end cash crunch cycle till the time serious issues appear. This time around, you have to pay an unexpected medical bill, but do not have the necessary cash flow because you are broke. How can you avoid this cash crunch every month? A few proven tips are listed below:
  • Maintain a daily expense diary – this helps you to keep a check on unnecessary expenditure
  • Plan your monthly expense – by planning your month ahead, you know the exact amount of liquid cash for that month, which is the amount after deducting fixed monthly expenses from your net salary
  • Keep a daily budget – divide your disposable amount by the number of days for a daily allowance limit and if you stick to your daily expense limit, you won’t overspend
  • Keep an emergency/miscellaneous fund – set aside a fund for unpredictable expenses
  • Recurring deposits – choose between small period schemes or longer period schemes offered by banks to create a cash reserve
If you ardently follow the above best practices, you are less likely to fall into a monthly debt trap. However, if you haven't planned your expenses earlier and are already facing month-end cash crunch, how can you get back the cash flow? Will you try to borrow from a friend? Let’s face the hard truth – no one likes to lend money during a month-end for similar reasons. If you cannot borrow from a friend or family, it’s quite natural for you to feel challenged by a month-end cash crunch, particularly when you have an unexpected bill to clear. As a next option, will you turn to your bank for a short-term personal loan? You can, provided you have the time to wait for the traditional loan procedure, which is subject to documentation and credit checks. What if you do not have a credit score because you have never taken a loan before or have a rather low credit score, but need urgent cash? Well, your worry ends here. You can now get an instant cash loan from CASHe without any credit checks to meet that urgent expense instantly. What is CASHe? CASHe is NBFC One Capitall as well as Bhanix Finance and Investment Limited’s FinTech platform for giving instant short-term personal loans to young salaried professionals of the millennial group. The CASHe personal loan app is available on Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS smartphone users, respectively. You can key in the CASHe keyword to download the CASHe app on your smartphone. CASHe can provide financial assistance of up to INR 1,00,000 in the form of an unsecured personal loan for 15, 30, 60, 90, and 120 days depending upon your short-term personal loan needs. The company provides unsecured personal loans for as low as INR 5,000 with affordable interest charges and you can get an instant loan credit in minutes to solve your mid-month or month-end cash crunch problems. Learn more about CASHe and its happycustomers for an uninterrupted cash flow even during the month-end and enjoy your financial peace.

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