CASHe - Instant Personal Loan Approval in NCR Delhi CASHe - Instant Personal Loan Approval in NCR Delhi

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Instant Personal Loan Approval in NCR Delhi

Are you a salaried millennial living in an expensive city like Delhi and need that extra money to finance a friend’s wedding or celebrate an anniversary or just fund a vacation? The millennium city of Delhi is the second most expensive Indian city reports Mercer’s 2017 cost of living survey. Excluding rental fees, a four person’s family in Delhi will cost near a lakh while a single person’s living cost is approximately Rs. 25,000. A historical Delhi remains a place not just to live but also enjoy food, shopping, and nightlife. Both cultural and religious festivals form an integral part of street life in Delhi. Christmas markets make an excellent winter in Delhi. There are plenty of leisure activities in Delhi for every generation. You will see the millennial youth of the city in the newest styles and gadgets and flaunt their latest vehicles. This young group of aspirants who loves luxury experiences rent the best apartment, ride in luxury cabs and dine at the best of places. They believe if they have the means, they should live life in luxury, without waiting to save, unlike their parent’s generation. Fortunately, an increasing number of banks and NBFCs provide short-term personal loans to this young salaried group in Delhi. Personal loans are unsecured loans that do not need collateral for approval and can be the best option for you when you are worried by a cash crunch but need quick cash to fund your needs. Personal loans have become very popular in the current lending market in Delhi, particularly amongst the young working group due to a constant demand for credit-related products to ease financial stress. However, to borrow money from a bank, you will need to have the time for the traditional loan procedure and necessary credit records to get a bank loan approval. If you need immediate cash, you can consider taking a loan from an app-based lender who gives faster loans than traditional banks. App-based lender CASHe is powered by NBFC Bhanix Finance and Investments Limited to help the salaried millennial with quick cash between Rs. 10,000 to two lakhs with minimum documentation. The entire loan application procedure is carried out through CASHe’s technology-enabled lending platform. You need to download CASHe on your smartphone and sign-up. There is no need to step out to a bank, or follow-up regarding your loan status. A CASHe loan is an instant personal loan that gets credited to you in minutes! Why do customers in Delhi prefer CASHe?
  • CASHe loans are hassle-free because of easy documentation
  • Loans from CASHe have transparent charges
  • You can avail multiple loans at CASHe
  • You can repay a CASHe loan in 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, or 180 days based on your loan amount
  • The entire personal loan procedure is digital
  • Credit check isn’t just your CIBIL credit score; CASHe relies on its AI based social credit score to arrive at a loan decision
  • CASHe loans disburse in minutes
Sign-up with CASHe using your smartphone today and put your temporary financial worries to rest.

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