CASHe - Instant Short-Term Personal Loans in Mumbai – Instant Approval by CASHe CASHe - Instant Short-Term Personal Loans in Mumbai – Instant Approval by CASHe

Friday, October 27th, 2017

Instant Short-Term Personal Loans in Mumbai – Instant Approval by CASHe

Are you a millennial living in the bustling city of Mumbai or have you just moved in here to build a career and a new home? If you are new to an expensive city like Mumbai and need urgent cash to pay a bill or set up your new home and do not have friends or family to turn to for quick cash, your money worry ends here. The CASHe instant personal loan app can help you with a personal loan credit within 10 minutes. All you need to do is download CASHe on your smartphone, and follow a simple loan application procedure using the cash app to get an instant personal loan credit between INR 10,000 to 2,00,000 with minimum documentation. They say if you learn to survive in a city like Mumbai where opportunities are many, you build yourself along the way. A historical Mumbai popularly known as the city of dreams has a rich tale to tell. Mumbai's history not only reveals its experience as a modern city but also as a society built from scratch, a city of immigrants created by colonial conquest. Today, the island city of Mumbai is not just India's commercial capital; it is also one of the world's most important urban centers. Mumbai is also India's entertainment capital and home to India's largest film Industry, having attracted many legendary writers, artists and filmmakers. Mumbai is a prolific film production center globally. Mumbai attracts many migrants from all over the country who move here in pursuit of their desires and career ambitions. The city is the 4th largest populous city in the world, and nearly 39% of its population accounts for migrants from other Indian states. Because of the high costs of living in Mumbai, a lot of consumers are having a hard time saving their money. Mercer's 2017 annual cost of living survey ranks Mumbai as the 57th most expensive city in the world and India's most costly financial capital. Residential rental prices have substantially increased in Mumbai following demonetization; rentals in Mumbai include an additional lump sum rent deposit. Mumbai continues to be an expensive city from a house rent perspective as well. If you do not have the cash flow to pay a rental deposit for a decent house, CASHe can help you with quick cash of up to 2 lakh which you can repay in 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180 days. Even if you have your own house in Mumbai but cannot pay an EMI due to a recent money crisis, CASHe can help you without hurting your credit score. Mumbai is also a city that offers excellent lifestyle experiences for the millennial group who believe in instant gratification. Places like Bandra, Worli, Nariman Point or Cuffe Parade are not just the city's commercial hubs, but they also offer best-in-class places to unwind and flaunt your luxury gadgets and vehicles. If you are early on in your career and haven't been able to save money to buy the desired luxury watch or upgrade your smartphone, you can now do so by signing up with CASHe for an instant short-term personal loan. You can borrow instant cash even to dine with friends at a restaurant and repay when you have the cash flow. There are many beautiful weekend getaways near Mumbai to help you unwind and relax after a hectic week at work. If you foresee a cash crunch around a long weekend, a short-term vacation loan from CASHe can help you budget and plan your holiday! Learn more about instant personal loans from CASHe here. What is CASHe? CASHe is the App only lending platform of NBFC lender Bhanix Finance and Investment Ltd. for disbursing on-demand short-term personal loans to the salaried millennial group. CASHe uses its proprietary SLQ algorithm to create a unique credit profile of the consumer not just based on consumer credit history. The algorithm uses latest data points, such as mobile and social profile, education, salary and career to approve a loan and assess borrower reliability. You do not need a credit score to avail a CASHe loan, neither do you need to queue up before a bank to complete the traditional loan application procedure involving credit checks and rejections when you don't have a valid credit score. If you are a salaried Mumbaikar striving for a better life, try CASHe today and unleash your small, little dreams in this Mayanagri city of unlimited dreams. Download CASHe NOW.

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