Social Loan Quotient


SLQ is India’s first social behaviour-based credit rating system for salaried professionals and young salaried millennials.

As part of a growing digital community, we all create an imprint of our digital presence online in numerous ways. This digital footprint now defines how we exist & behave in the larger social world. This new reality formed the basis for our research scientists to develop an advanced credit ranking system using big data analytics, AI and predictive tools to calculate the Social Loan Quotient (SLQ) for our customers.

Conventional lending agencies like banks work on outdated systems that rely heavily on your past financial transactions. We are interested in your today and how that will impact your tomorrow.

SLQ’s revolutionary approach changes the way credit-risk is calculated. It is linked to a number of data points including mobile and social media footprint, education, monthly salary and career experience. SLQ is a dynamic score and as you interact with us more and spend time in the digital space your SLQ score evolves too.

SLQ is fast, unique and path-breaking!

CASHe has now made SLQ accessible for every applicant to know if he/she is eligible for a loan with CASHe. All you need to do is to complete your profile and submit the necessary documents on to the app. Within minutes, the AI-based SLQ engine will let you know your credit profile status. If your profile rating is ‘ Good’, you can go ahead and apply for a loan with CASHe using the ‘ Get CASHe’ tab. You will then also receive your SLQ Score. However, if your profile rating is Poor, you will not be able to apply for a loan, and may try again later after a few months when your credit profile improves. Additionally, the more you use CASHe responsibly, the better your SLQ score improves.

SLQ is very different from traditional credit scoring systems which usually deliver a score based only onthe applicant’s historical financial behaviour. SLQ is independent of any bureau reports and generates its own scores based on the customer’s social behaviour data.

We welcome everyone to get their SLQ rating (without the need to apply for a loan), and become a part of this exciting new digital world.

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