CASHe - Small-Ticket Loans Made Simple at CASHe CASHe - Small-Ticket Loans Made Simple at CASHe

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Small-Ticket Loans Made Simple at CASHe

Do you need a small loan of Rs 12000 to buy a smartphone but don’t have a credit card? There’s less chance for any bank or non-banking financial company (NBFC) to lend you the money. For banks, the processing cost of small-ticket loan applications outweighs the interest they charge. However, many financial technology (FinTech) start-ups disburse small loans in less than a day.  The advantage FinTech platforms have over banks is they give quick cash to salaried professionals with steady income — without lengthy paperwork. And unlike traditional banks, they are willing to lend you even if you don’t have a credit score. App-based lender CASHe, for example, provides small loans between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 2 lakh for 15, 30, 90, 120, and 180 days to the salaried millennial group in the 20-35 years age group. CASHe is India’s leading mobile-based short-term personal loan app powered by NBFC lender Bhanix Finance and Investment Limited and provides personal loans of up to 40 percent of your monthly income after confirming eligibility. The cash app provides users with a tailored experience to borrow quick cash anytime, anywhere within minutes.  So if you feel you need more money in your budget to finance your small dreams without feeling overburdened by a budget strain, CASHe can help you with instant cash up to 2 lakh. CASHe loans are not just hassle-free with minimum documentation; you get an instant personal loan approval and immediate loan credit to meet your cash needs.  Instant personal loans at CASHe are cheaper than a credit card and faster than a bank loan. These short-term personal loans are meant to help you finance every small item for your home or your social life.  Best part, you do not require any guarantor or collateral to avail a short-term personal loan at CASHe and you can also avail multiple loans. CASHe has disbursed over 50,000 loans so far and has successfully created 75% repeat customers. By employing sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities, CASHe strives to deliver the best lending experience to its customers. With a high demand for credit-related products amongst members of the millennial generation worldwide, FinTech start-ups like CASHe have become popular in the digital lending space. Millennials who believe in instant gratification and life experiences are turning to digital lenders like CASHe for their short-term financial requirements, be it for missed EMI payments or medical emergencies, quick festival expenses or a wish list of lifestyle spends. According to psychology experts, money can buy happiness when it comes to experiences — our life experiences become who we are, and money spent on life experiences can lead to happiness.  A small loan from CASHe can ensure that you do not miss creating a memorable life experience during your beach holiday due to fund shortage. Borrowing short-term money is fast and easy with the CASHe loan app; these small value loans also prepare you for big-ticket size bank loans. When you make timely loan payments, you improve your credit score— the most important eligibility criteria for banks. To experience CASHe, download the app on your mobile and upload your latest salary slip, bank statement, current address proof, PAN card details, and a photo on the app itself.  There isn’t need to step out or queue up in a bank for a personal loan or follow-up on your loan status. Your personal loan request is processed instantly post verification of documents based on your eligibility and bingo; you get an instant loan credit!

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