What can I say about cad to bim conversion

Also, along with the active development of object modeling information programs and the penetration of digital technologies into various spheres of life, traditional methods of 2D design and paper storage of project information should be revised in the near future.

If we make a more generalized assessment of technology development trends, it is fair to suggest that the upcoming fourth industrial revolution will have the greatest impact on the construction industry. Augmented reality technologies, Internet products, 3D printing, and generative design create great potential for a technological leap forward in terms of productivity and human labor efficiency.

In this regard, the service conducts systematic work on the introduction of information modeling (BIM-technologies) in the design process. For this purpose, a plan was developed for the transition to information modeling technology, the implementation of which is carried out in several stages, namely cad to bim conversion preparation period and purchase of equipment, training of specialists in working with software and its practical implementation.

At the first stage, a project team like karnoenergy was assigned to create a pilot project. The group includes employees who can easily learn new software products, find and offer solutions to improve their work during a pilot project, and also have a sufficient level of designer for a pilot project. The group included specialists from the architectural and design departments. 

The analysis of technical equipment was carried out, proposals were developed for upgrading the existing computer network, server equipment, storage systems, and user workstations were upgraded (computer equipment and workstations were purchased), and server equipment was updated

New features

At the end of the training process, a pilot project was launched. The task of the pilot project is to train specialists in collective work, configure the platform for further operation, identify and improve the skills of specialists, and train them to work with software without external consultations.

In the process of working on the pilot project, an internal BIM regulation for information modeling was developed, work was carried out to create a library of elements, templates, etc.  BIM manager was also defined – this is an employee of the Institute whose area of responsibility includes compliance with BIM regulations.

The BIM regulations establish the procedure for using the information modeling system in the processes of working out design solutions and issuing documentation of architectural, design, and engineering types.

After successful implementation of the pilot project, the introduction of information modeling (BIM-technologies) into the design process can be considered successful.

And there are a number of projects completed in BIM

  • Preliminary design
  • Integration into billing programs
  • Project Status
  • Use of various construction materials
  • Various reports and models
  • Database integration
  • Installation of structures
  • User needs
  • Changes
  • Integration with project participants

Key design steps in BIM:

The first stage. Pre-project solutions, i.e. development of optimal solutions for the concept of a residential building. Calculation of the volume of construction materials.

The second stage. Designing, selecting the final version, and working in the REVIT software environment. When designing the project, appropriate load standards were analyzed and developed for different climatic and geological conditions.

The third stage. Build a model, i.e. collect all sections in a single model and identify collisions at the project issue stage.

Data synchronization.

We use various programs when designing projects in BIM. At the same time, work takes place in a shared storage of synchronized data, which simplifies interaction between groups of designers.


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