• Camera : we use the camera to enable you to take images of the KYC documents like Selfie, Payslip, PAN card etc.
  • Photos/media/files : We access your image gallery to enable you to upload KYC documents.
  • Contacts : By sharing contact info it helps our Social Loan Quotient algorithms build a better social profile (you can be eligible for a higher SLQ score)
  • Location : Location information is captured at the time of login and is a useful parameter to determine the last location.
  • Calendar : This permission is used to mark the loan due date(s) on your phone calendar so that you get timely reminders before the payment due date
  • SMS : Financial and Banking applications interact with their customers via SMS and SMS activity is used by CASHe to understand the phone usage of the customer.
  • Number of call logs : Number of calls made and received by the customer is indicative of the phone usage of the customer and helps in building a better profile of the customer by our Social Loan Quotient algorithms.
  • Social friend list : This information is obtained via the social login of choice (Ex. Google Plus, Facebook etc). Number of friends on is used in building a better social profile of the customer.
  • List of Apps : Helps in identifying the kind of apps the customer interacts with.