Start Investing in Digital Gold With CASHe

    Buy 99.99% pure Digital Gold for as little as Re 1.

    Buy, sell, or redeem anytime. It’s an easy, convenient, and affordable way to build your gold holding.

Unlock the power of DigiGold on CASHe: Buy 24k digital gold from just Re 1, backed by physical gold in secure Augmont vaults. Convert to physical gold, request doorstep delivery from 0.1 gm, or sell online for direct bank transfers. Elevate your investment, effortlessly.

Benefits of investing in digital gold

  • Digital gold can be bought online with an investment of as little as Re 1
  • Can be easily converted to jewelry to avail of hassle-free gold loans.
  • Digital gold purity is 24K.
  • It is stored safely in vaults under the customer’s name and is 100% insured.
  • It can be exchanged for physical jewelry, gold coins, or bars.

What can you do with your Digital Gold?

Sell whenever you want.

You can choose to sell your gold digitally back to Augment whenever you want. Get an instant bank transfer after the cooling-off period (72 hours).

Take Physical Delivery

Redeem digital gold for exquisitely crafted 24K, 99.99% purest gold bars & coins from Augmont.

Gift to your friends and family

You can simply transfer your digital gold to a loved one. Just send them an invite to register on Augmont using their mobile number.

Get your gold now on CASHe!