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We have revolutionized how credit scoring works.

SLQ: The Next generation credit Intelligence
for a faster, accurate lending to the under-banked.

Social Loan Quotient
SLQ Score

Social Loan Quotient:
Helping drive better
credit decisions.

CASHe carries an inherent social mission: To provide financial inclusiveness to people who are otherwise excluded by traditional banks and lending institutions. In so doing, CASHe is unlocking their economic potential, development and the unfolding financial benefits to millions of underserved and unserved urban working millennials.

How does SLQ Work

Social Loan Quotient (SLQ)- CASHe’s industry first proprietary AI, ML and smart analytics-based credit scoring mechanism leverages alternative data sources — smartphone metadata, social media footprint, education, monthly salary, career experience and basic KYC details to assess the creditworthiness of each applicant. It is a powerful predictor of an individual’s character or ‘willingness to pay’. The SLQ scores ranges from 0 to 995, with higher scores representing a lower propensity to default.

SLQ complements traditional underwriting tools because it relies exclusively on non-traditional data derived from a customer’s social data and online behavior. When the SLQ is added to a traditional underwriting scorecard, it has been proven to better discriminate between good and bad borrowers. With score calculation taking mere seconds, it is one of the fastest, reliable and accurate credit scoring mechanism today.

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CASHe Launches SLQ