Technology that
sees your potential

We firmly believe that you are more than just numbers on papers or filled-in form fields. Hence, we’ve invested years in perfecting our proprietary smart technology. Within seconds, it intricately crafts a comprehensive portrait of you—an image that goes beyond conventional data points. This intricate depiction unlocks your perfect credit offering and all the possibilities that accompany it.

Social Loan Quotient:
Driving Smart, Informed Credit Decisions

At CASHe, our core mission is to bring financial inclusion to individuals overlooked by conventional banks and lenders. In doing so, CASHe is unlocking the economic prowess, fostering development, and channeling financial advantages to countless underserved and unserved working millennials.

How Does the
Social Loan Quotient Work

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our Social Loan Quotient (SLQ) employs proprietary AI, ML, and advanced analytics to conduct comprehensive credit scoring. It explores diverse data sources, including smartphone usage, metadata, social media activity, education, salary, career prospects, and KYC information. Spanning a score range from 0 to 995, the SLQ serves as a robust indicator of an individual’s creditworthiness. Its distinctive reliance on non-traditional data elevates traditional underwriting tools, ensuring the delivery of one of today’s fastest, most reliable, and accurate credit scores. Embrace the future of credit assessment with SLQ – where innovation seamlessly converges with assurance!

Types of Personal Loan: