About CASHe

What is CASHe and how does it work?
CASHe – For timely EMI payments or squaring monthly bills, making a major purchase that you so desired, taking a vacation to unwind or meeting a medical or financial emergency, keep the power of CASHe in your smartphone. Quick personal loans from CASHe that help you stitch in time.

CASHe, a cutting-edge fin-tech product from Aeries Financial Technologies Pvt. Ltd., enables short-term personal loans to young salaried professionals on a simple yet powerful app. Powered by a proprietary predictive algorithm called The Social Loan Quotient (SLQ) that creates a sophisticated credit profile of consumers totally different from conventional banks and credit agencies. CASHe enables young professionals to get loans within minutes, without paperwork and pain. You can now avail loans ranging from Rs. 9,000 to 3,00,000 for Starting from 62, 90 & 180, 270 & 1 Year days based on your need. All you require is a salary slip, bank statement, PAN card & address proof clicked on a self-signed white paper and uploaded through CASHe app. Money is in your bank account within minutes.
What is Social Loan Quotient (SLQ)?
SLQ is India’s first social behavior-based credit rating system for salaried professionals and young salaried millennials.

As part of a growing digital community, we all create an imprint of our digital presence online in numerous ways. This digital footprint now defines how we exist & behave in the larger social world. This new reality formed the basis for our research scientists to develop an advanced credit ranking system using big data analytics, AI and predictive tools to calculate the Social Loan Quotient (SLQ) for our customers.

Conventional lending agencies like banks work on outdated systems that rely heavily on your past financial transactions. We are interested in your today and how that will impact your tomorrow.

SLQ’s revolutionary approach changes the way credit-risk is calculated. It is linked to a number of data points including mobile and social media footprint, education, monthly salary and career experience. SLQ is a dynamic score and as you interact with us more and spend time in the digital space your SLQ score evolves too.

SLQ is fast, unique and pathbreaking!

How do I know if I qualify for a loan with CASHe through SLQ?
CASHe has now made SLQ accessible for every applicant to know if he/she is eligible for a loan with CASHe. All you need to do is to complete your profile and submit the necessary documents on to the app. Within minutes, the AI-based SLQ engine will let you know your credit profile status. If your profile rating is ‘ Good’, you can go ahead and apply for a loan with CASHe using the ‘ Get CASHe’ tab. You will then also receive your SLQ Score. However, if your profile rating is Poor, you will not be able to apply for a loan, and may try again later after a few months when your credit profile improves. Additionally, the more you use CASHe responsibly, the better your SLQ score improves.

Once you are credit approved, your profile screen will show your SLQ score which looks like this.

SLQ is very different from traditional credit scoring systems which usually deliver a score based only onthe applicant’s historical financial behaviour. SLQ is independent of any bureau reports and generates its own scores based on the customer’s social behaviour data.

We welcome everyone to get their SLQ rating (without the need to apply for a loan), and become a part of this exciting new digital world.
What loan products does CASHe offer?
CASHe offers loans ranging from Rs 9,000 to Rs 300,000 payable over a period of 62, 90, 180, 270 days and 1 year product.
You can avail loans starting from 62 days worth Rs 9,000 to Rs 300,000.
You can opt for 62 day loan plan to avail loan up to Rs.80,000.

You can also choose to go for the 90 -day loan plan which lets you repay the loan in three equal monthly payments. In the 90 day plan, you can choose a loan from Rs 19,000 upto Rs 100,000

For our 180-day loan plan, you can opt for a loan amount up to Rs. 2,00,000 with a repayment plan in six monthly installments. The minimum eligible amount is Rs. 25,000

For our 270-day loan plan you can opt for loan amount up to Rs. 2,50,000 with repayment plan in nine monthly installments. The minimum eligible amount is Rs. 30,000.

For our one- year loan plan you can opt for loan amount up to Rs. 3,00,000 with repayment plan in twelve monthly installments. The minimum eligible amount is Rs. 50,000.

Who can apply for a loan with CASHe?
Any Indian citizen residing in India, above the age of 18, with a proof of current employment, earning a monthly salary of 15,000 and above, a bank account, a Facebook / Google+ / a LinkedIn account and valid identity and address proof can use the CASHe app to avail loans
Are you a bank or an NBFC?
CASHe is neither a bank or an NBFC. CASHe is powered by Bhanix Finance and Investment Ltd., an RBI registered NBFC. Following norms laid down by the RBI. Bhanix Finance and Investment Ltd is your lender and all payment terms and conditions are agreed with Bhanix Finance and Investment Ltd and not with CASHe. CASHe is a sophisticated, user friendly, technology platform which provides hassle-free experience to borrow personal loans.
I don’t own a smartphone. Can I apply?
No. CASHe is a mobile app. And this app won’t work if you don’t have a smartphone. We’d really like to help, but we can’t. Sorry!
Why do I have to log in with my Facebook / Google+ / LinkedIn accounts?
CASHe aims to revolutionize the process of borrowing wherein we use your internet presence on social networking sites as a reliable benchmark to assess your creditworthiness. Your social networking activities provide valuable information on who you are, and whether you fit our ethos. It’s younger, simpler and more convenient.
Why are my social media accounts accessed?
CASHe is simply assisting Lender to try and get a picture of who you are using industry standard access levels in terms of your network, contacts and activity. Relax, because under no circumstances will your information be shared with third parties, nor will CASHe retrieve personal data without your consent. Please refer our Privacy Policy.
How much cash can I borrow from CASHe?
With our multiple loan options now available on tap, you can now opt to borrow personal loans starting as low as Rs 9,000 to a maximum of Rs 300,000 with a repayment period of 62, 90, 180, 270 and 1 year.
Can I shift my loan tenure, after taking a loan?
You sure can shift your loan tenure from a 62 to 90 and 180/270/1 year as soon as you have cleared all outstanding of your previous loan. Please ensure timely repayments of your existing loans to have a positive SLQ scores with CASHe.
Do you have a phone number for me to call you?
We do not interact with our customers on phone. Please email us at for any queries related to the loan products, we will ensure that you are responded to as quickly as possible. In case you would like to know on enterprise package, please send an email to



What documents are required for applying for a Personal Loan from CASHe?
Just upload these 4 basic documents and you can get yourself credit approved with CASHe

1. Photo Identity Proof - PAN card
2. Latest salary slip
3. Aadhar Card
4. Permanent Address Proof - Any one (1): Passport/Driving License/Voter’s Identity Card or Utility Bills i.e. Electric/landline phone bill/ Gas Bill (not more than 2 months old) If Current Address is different from Permanent Address, then additionally: Utility Bill- Electric/landline phone bill/ Gas Bill of current address (not more than 2 months old), Leave & License Agreement/Rent Agreement
5. Latest statement of your Bank Account, showing your salary credit

We would also ask you to upload your selfie as proof of your photograph.

Your information will only be used internally. Promise.
Upload the following self-attested documents in jpg format. Also, make sure the documents you upload on the app are clearly legible and self-attested in order for us to speedily process your loan request.

Verification Process:

1. PAN Card shall be verified electronically from Income Tax Website so as to ascertain correctness of the PAN Number and corresponding name from Income Tax web site. The said verification may be carried out by an independent Agency.
2. Similarly Aadhar Card & Voter’s Identity Card shall be verified through Independent Agency.
3. Utility Bills and Passport will be used to verify address.
4. Borrower will electronically upload his/her selfie on the CASHe app.

For more information on this you may contact us on
Why do you need my documentation?
CASHe aids the Lender in using a proprietary system to determine whether your creditworthiness and your documents depict that you are a responsible Borrower. Don’t worry, this information is for internal use only. The security of your information is of the utmost importance to us. For more information, feel free to go through our Privacy Policy.
Do I need to upload these documents every time whenever I request for a loan from CASHe?
Not at all. Once your documents are verified and you are credit approved, you can relax for the next 180 days without resubmitting your documents. However, we would expect you to notify us immediately if there are changes in your employment, salary or residence. In any of these cases, you would have to upload the necessary document and it would require us to verify you again.

CASHe has a one-time registration process. Once you register with CASHe and receive eligibility, you’re free to borrow as many times as you wish, without having to register again and again.
What about collateral/security?
Relax. We trust you. We require no collateral. Simply provide us your valid documents so we can determine your eligibility and you’re all set!


What are my eligibility criteria?
For 62 Day loan, you can avail loan amount upto 60% of your net take home salary.

For the 90-day loan, you can avail a loan amount upto 110% of your net take home salary.

For the 180-day loan plan, you can avail loan amount up to 210% of your net take home salary.

For 270-Day loan, you can avail loan amount upto 310% of your net take home salary.

For the 1 year loan plan, you can avail loan amount up to 400% of your net take home salary.
My loan application didn’t get approved. Why?
If you haven’t uploaded the required documents, furnished false information, lack a job or the means to repay, or your profile does not include the qualities required of a user of CASHe app, or if we are unable to verify your information, your application could be rejected and the same shall be communicated to you. This isn’t a reflection on your credibility, it’s simply that your profile does not fit as per our algorithm. Better luck next time.
Will I still get a loan if I don’t qualify as per your internal credit rating criteria?
No, you will not get a loan if you don't qualify as per the internal credit rating criteria.
Can I re-apply?
Absolutely. If you feel that your application should be reviewed or if you believe that there have been material improvements in your creditworthiness since you last applied, do re-apply after 3 (three) months from the rejection of your previous application. We will look into it. However, approval remains solely at the discretion of Lender.

Processing Fee & Interest Charges

Does CASHe charges any processing fee for the loans taken?
For 62 day loan product: We charge a flat 2% processing fee on the principal amount

For 90 day loan product: We charge a flat 2% processing fee on the principal amount

These are the charges for 180 day loan product
Rs 1275 for loan upto Rs 1,00,000
Rs 1775 for loan ranging from 1,01,000 to 1,49,000.
Rs 2275 for loan ranging from 1,50,000 to 2,00,000.

For 270 day plan:
We charge 2% on loan amount or Rs. 1500 whichever is higher as processing fees.

For 1 Year Plan :
We charge a flat Rs.1500 or 3% of the principle amount whichever is higher as processing fees

Is the processing fee charged only once or do I have to pay for it every time I take a loan from CASHe?
The processing fee is charged every time you take a loan from CASHe. But don’t worry, the fee is nominal
The charges are as follows
For 62 Days product
Rs 300 for loans up to Rs 25,000
Rs 400 for loans ranging from Rs 26,000 to 50,000
Rs 500 for loans ranging from Rs 51,000 to 75,000
Rs 750 for loans ranging from Rs 76,000 to 1,00,000
Rs 1000 for loans more than Rs 1,00,000

For 90 day Product
Rs 400 for loans ranging from Rs 19,000 to 25,000
Rs 500 for loans ranging from Rs 26,000 to 50,000
Rs 750 for loans ranging from Rs 51,000 to 75,000
Rs 1000 for loans ranging from Rs 76,000 to 1,00,000

These are the charges for 180 day loan product.
Rs 1275 for loan upto Rs 1,00,000
Rs 1775 for loan ranging from 1,01,000 to 1,49,000.
Rs 2275 for loan ranging from 1,50,000 to 2,00,000.

For 270 day Product
We charge a flat 2% of the loan_amount

1 Year : We charge a flat Rs.1500 or 3% of the principle amount whichever is higher as processing fees.

What are your Rate of Interest on the loans I take?
The rate of interest of 62 Day is calculated 3% per month on loan amount

For the 90-day loan, we charge you a flat 2.75% interest / per month. A 7-day interest-free grace period will be offered for repayment of your dues at the end of every paying month. However, any subsequent delays would incur a 3% flat interest fee (including the 7-day grace period) on subsequent weeks thereafter

For the 180-day loan, we charge you a flat 2.50% interest / per month. A 7-day interest- free grace period will be offered for repayment of your dues at the end of every paying month.

For 1 year the rate of Interest is 2.50% per Month on loan amount

About your loan

How fast will I get my loan?
Your loan is generally transferred instantly as soon as all your documents are verified. In order to process your loan quickly, we advise you to upload the necessary documents in the necessary formats and make sure they are clear and legible.
What do I do in case you can’t give me the amount within 24 hrs?
This is unlikely - CASHe is designed to complete your credit appraisal within hours. Once that’s completed, you will be informed immediately of your eligibility. In some cases, some additional information may be required to disburse cash. But, whatever the case, we’ll ensure that you’re always kept in the loop.
Can I change my loan request?
You can not make changes to your loan amount post final approval is given to your loan request.
Can my loan amount be recalled?
The lenders reserve the right to recall, with due notice, any cash disbursed to Borrower for failure to disclose materially valuable information to determine your credit profile. If you’ve provided false or misleading information, the Lender will call for the amount to be repaid within 24 hours, following which you will be categorised as a defaulter, with the attendant penalties and appropriate steps may be taken by appropriate authorities.

In case you default on your loan

When will I be considered as a defaulter?
Default is a failure to repay the full amount due including Interest within the time frame (including extended periods) from date of disbursement of loan amount. If you fail to repay within the stipulated time period allotted to you, you will be classified as a defaulter with CASHe and you will be unable to take a loan with CASHe
So, what if I default?
CASHe is an enterprise of trust. As a user of CASHe app, Lender lends you cash because it believes in your creditworthiness, and in your ability to return it. So, should you default despite the trust bestowed, the Lender will be forced to make your status as a defaulter public on the CASHe app and website, Lender’s website and on your social network and take necessary steps for recovery. Lender will also inform CIBIL and other credit rating agencies.

Repaying your loan

Can I repay my cash before the due date?
Is that even a question?? Absolutely! In fact, making payments before they are due raises your SLQ score. However, the interest payments are deducted at source at the time of disbursement and it will not be reduced/ reimbursed in such instances.
How do I repay the Loan availed from CASHe?
  • We accept payments through NEFT/IMPS/UPI only. We do not accept CASH/CHEQUE for repayments.
  • Enter your CASHe CLN # as account number in the field called Account number and choose Account name as Bhanix Finance and Investment Ltd
  • Please ensure that the IFSC code is KKBK0000958. Our virtual payment address(VPA) ID for UPI repayments is cashe@kotak
  • Please make sure that you enter the above information correctly while transferring funds
  • Please write to if you need further assistance.
Who powers CASHe & remits and recovers the loan amount?
CASHe is powered by Bhanix Finance and Investment Ltd - a RBI registered NBFCs, which determines the borrower’s eligibility, disburses loan amounts to users of CASHe as well as recovers the same.
How can you make your repayments to CASHe through UPI?
Once you have registered your UPI ID with CASHe, and ready for your loan repayments with CASHe, you need to go to the ‘My CASHe’ screen of the app and click the ‘Current Due’ tab which indicates your amount due to CASHe. Click on the tab and ‘Repay with UPI’. The following screen will feature the amount to be transferred and your UPI ID to which the amount needs to be transferred. Then, select ‘Repay’. Kindly note, your repayment with UPI is valid for a period of 60 minutes which will be indicated in the status screen of the app following your transaction. If for any reason your transaction doesn’t get fulfilled within the allotted 60 minutes, you will need to redo the procedure once again until your repayment transaction is a success.

You also have an option to make the payment through UPI from the “How to Repay’’ screen of your app. This screen is auto populated with your UPI ID if you have your Virtual Payment Address (VPA) registered with us.
How to get your UPI ID registered with CASHe?
If you are an existing customer, you will get a pop-up message in the app to enter your UPI ID in the bank details screen. However, you do have an option to enter the UPI ID at a later stage in the app. But we strongly recommend you create your unique UPI ID with your registered bank (if you don’t have one) and register it with CASHe. If you are a new customer, you are required to fill in your UPI ID in the bank details screen of the app.
Automated Collect Requests for Due and Overdue Loans through UPI
This feature initiates a ‘Collect’ request on the due or overdue amount if you have registered your UPI ID with CASHe. It is an automated feature wherein you need to “Approve” the request sent by us to initiate your due amount through your UPI ID. It’s simple, and easy. You do not have to go through the existing procedure of making the payment through IMPS or NEFT. The UPI interface does this for you automatically in seconds, thus saving time in doing so.

Benefit Programs

Can I refer my friends? What are my benefits?
The CASHeHi5 offer lets you refer as many friends as you can provided they are salaried. Each successful referral gets you Rs 500 and your referred friend get a 50% off on the processing fee when they apply for a loan from CASHe.

What is the CASHe Crown Rewards Program and how do I enrol myself with it?
With the CASHe Crown Rewards Program, you can now enjoy special benefits as a privileged customer. The CASHe Crown Rewards Program awards you with an option to either lower your loan interest rates or increase the loan eligibility amount based on your loan repayment history with us. We have four categories in this program namely;
CASHe Silver
CASHe Gold
CASHe Platinum
CASHe Diamond

CASHe Sliver: You will be automatically slotted in CASHe Silver as new registered customer. Based on your future loan repayments with us, you will progress to the next categories subject to successful loan repayment amount matches the minimum criteria set for each program.

CASHe Gold: You will be slotted in CASHe Gold with prompt repayment value of Rs. 3,00,000. CASHe Gold allows you to enjoy the following benefits regardless of the type of loan you have availed from CASHe. Following is the loan-based interest charges for the CASHe Gold category.
Benefits you can enjoy
Interest rate reduced from 1.75% to 1.65
CASHe 90 - Interest rate reduced from 8.25% to 8.10% (32.85% p.a)
CASHe 180 - Interest rate reduced from 15% to 14.70% (29.81% p.a)
CASHe 1 Year - Interest rate waiver of 0.054% per month

CASHe Platinum: You will be slotted in CASHe Platinum with prompt repayment value of Rs. 6,00,000. CASHe Platinum allows you to enjoy the following benefits regardless of the type of loan you have availed from CASHe. As a CASHe Platinum Customer, these are the benefits you can enjoy.
CASHe 90 - Interest rate reduced from 8.25% to 7.95% (32.24% p.a) (cumulative interest for 3 months)
CASHe 180 - Interest rate reduced from 15% to 14.40% (29.20% p.a)

CASHe Diamond: You will be slotted in CASHe Diamond with prompt repayment value of Rs. 10,00,000. CASHe Diamond allows you to enjoy the following benefits regardless of the type of loan you have availed from CASHe. As a CASHe Diamond customer, these are the benefits you can enjoy.
CASHe 90 - Interest rate reduced from 8.25% to 7.65% (31.02% p.a)(cumulative interest for 3 months).
CASHe 180 - Interest rate reduced from 15% to 13.80% (27.98% p.a)


What is the CASHe EMI MCard?
The CASHe emi MCard is brought to you by CASHe and Mswipe, India’s leading mobile Point-of -Sale (POS) payment services provider. This co-branded pre-approved EMI card lets you shop for amounts up to Rs 10,000 on your purchases made at any merchant or online store which has a Mswipe terminal or is a registered Mswipe merchant.

Is this a EMI based card?
Yes, the CASHe emi MCard, comes with an easy 3 emi-based repayment plan. The purchases made from the CASHe EMI (Electronic MCard Identification) Mcard will automatically be converted into equated monthly instalments payable over a period of three months at lower interest rates. You can make a minimum purchase of Rs 2,500 per transaction up to the limit of Rs 10,000 set on the card.
Am I eligible for this card?
Absolutely! You can go the loan section on the CASHe app and select CASHe emi Mcard. Once selected, you will be issued a physical Mcard at your delivery address.

How does the card work?
You can make multiple transactions in a day not exceeding Rs 10,000. All his transactions for the day will be converted into a single loan on which the equated monthly instalment-based repayment plan will be set by CASHe. There will be no transactional or processing fee on making the purchase for the cardholder. Once the purchase is made within the assigned credit limit, you can make the instalment payments directly to CASHe. You can further track the equated monthly instalment payment plan on the CASHe app itself.

CASHe BuddyTransfer

What is CASHe BuddyTransfer?
The CASHe BuddyTransfer is a unique feature where you can now authorize transfer of funds directly from your CASHe app to your friends or your family members in your phone contact list.

How does CASHe BuddyTransfer work?
It’s simple. In order to transfer funds to your friends, you need to first select your desired loan product from the ‘Get CASHe’ screen. Once you have requested for a loan, you will then get an option to choose a transfer option where in you have the choice to transfer the fund or your requested loan amount to a Paytm account or ‘Transfer to your friend’. Choose Transfer your friend option and select up to 5 people from your phone contact list to whom you wish to send the money. Choose the desired amount you wish to transfer to each of your contact and confirm the details in the following screen. That’s it. Once you confirm, and your loan request is approved ,we will initiate the transfer on your behalf to the selected recipients.
How many friends can I choose to transfer the money and how much can I transfer per to each of them?
You can choose up to 5 friends from your phone contact list and choose to send a maximum of Rs 2,000 per contact.

Can I transfer the fund to a non-CASHe user?
Definitely. The money can be transferred to a CASHe or a non-CASHe user. If in case you have authorized to transfer money to a non-CASHe user, we will send an intimation to the user through SMS informing him that you have initiated a fund transfer to him. This message will also have a link to download the CASHe app from the play store. Once he downloads the link and installs the CASHe app on his phone ,he can receive the money in to his bank account.
Are there any formalities required to be done by my friend in order to receive the money in to his bank account?
Yes, as soon as your friend downloads the CASHe app on to his smart phone, he will be required to complete his registration details with CASHe. The procedure will be same as required for a new registration. He will be required to log in through his social media profile and submit basic KYC information. Following this, he will be asked to enter his bank details in which the money will be transferred.

What if my friend doesn’t download the app to receive the money sent by me?
The money that you have authorized to transfer to your friend will have a 3-day waiting period in which he can download the app and complete the registration details to claim the money. If your friend fails to download the app or doesn’t complete the registration formalities, we will inform you of an unsuccessful transfer and will send the money right back in to your bank account.
Will I get regular intimation of a successful or failed transactions?
Yes. We will send you regular intimation related to your transfer detail status through SMS or in-app notification informing you about the success or failure of your fund transfer.

Will my friend be liable to pay CASHe?
No. Your friend will not be held liable to pay CASHe as the loan amount has been requested by you and you have chosen to transfer a part of your money to your friend. All repayment charges including processing fee, interest charges or late payment charges towards the loan will be borne by you.
What would be some of the reasons of a fund transfer failure?
The transfer of funds will be unsuccessful in case if your friend doesn’t download the app and complete the necessary registration formalities. We can also cancel a transfer to a contact who has had a bad credit history with us. The fund transfer will also be unsuccessful in case your friend fails to collect the money within the stipulated 3 days in spite of completing the registration formalities required by us.

How soon can the money be transferred to my friend?
Well, this depends on the user who you have chosen to transfer your funds to. If your friend is an existing CASHe user, the money can be sent almost immediately. Or if your friend is a non-CASHe user, and he completes the registration formalities quickly, the funds can reflect in his bank account in about half a days time.


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