Our Story

We believe everyone deserves access to credit at moments that matter most with personalized solutions to meet our customers unique financial needs.

At CASHe, we’re committed to transforming the financial landscape for instant money solutions. Leveraging reliable alternative data sources, our platform makes credit seamlessly accessible to working millennials in the entire Bharat, anytime, anywhere, using just a smartphone.

We have revolutionized the short-financial landscape, providing a hassle-free one-stop shop for young professionals in both major urban centers and beyond. Our focus on these areas aims to drive financial inclusion, empower individuals, and unlock new ideas, businesses, and innovations.

We call ourselves; Bharat Ka Money App and we are committed to building a financial system that addresses the diverse needs of millennials.

It All Started with a Question

How to Provide Fair Credit to Those Who Need It Most?

The traditional financial institution’s model of evaluating creditworthiness was broken, leaving behind thousands of deserving consumers. While the conventional credit models identify consumers using their past credit data, CASHe as likely to default, CASHe strives to identify customers based on their potential. those individuals who truly deserve a credit offer.

By employing our AI-powered, ML-backed data models, we’ve mastered the art of saying “YES” to more people, ensuring financial inclusivity and unlocking opportunities for more people beyond traditional credit.

Welcome to a smarter, more inclusive world of credit at CASHe.

Meet The Team Behind

The team at CASHe has seasoned professionals with over a hundred years of collective experience in banking, technology, finance and operations. Today, they are leading CASHe’s mission to transform financial services through their expertise, reputation, innovation and dedication.

V. Raman Kumar

Founder and Chairman

Mr. Raman Kumar is a successful serial tech entrepreneur and private equity investor. He is the founder and former Chairman/CEO of NASDAQ-listed M*Modal Inc., a leading voice recognition and healthcare document technology company. Under his leadership, he took M*Modal from a start-up to a billion-dollar sale to One Equity Partners in 2012. Since then, he has been actively involved in various ventures across India, the Middle East, and the USA. Additionally, he serves as a limited partner in three prominent international private equity funds.

In 2012, Mr. Kumar founded Aeries ( Nasdaq: AERT) , a thriving company specializing in technology, business process management, and consultancy services. Later on, he transformed the business to provide cutting-edge solutions such as AI, blockchain, and advanced ERP solutions to clients worldwide.

Notably, Aeries is poised to be listed on NASDAQ in Q4 2023.

In 2015, he joined the board of T-Hub, one of India’s most successful tech incubators and accelerators, located in Hyderabad. In 2016, Mr. Kumar launched CASHe, a fintech company that rapidly became India’s premier digital lending platform for salaried millennials. In 2017, he was appointed as the chairman of Global Entrepreneurship Network India during the GES Summit in Hyderabad. His remarkable achievements were recognized in 2019 when he received the “Serial Tech Entrepreneur of the Year” award from Entrepreneur India. He also earned the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award for
Maryland, USA in 2007 from Ernst and Young. Additionally, in the same year, he was honored with the Maryland International Leadership Award by the World Trade Centre Institute, Baltimore.

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