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Secure a two-wheeler loan and purchase a bike, new or second-hand. Today, whether it is a car or a scooter, an automobile is seen as a necessity and something of great convenience since you can travel anywhere and at any time.

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Two-wheelers are preferred since they are easier to ride through traffic, are less costly, and maintenance is lower in comparison to cars. The problem arises when you realize you do not have the funds to purchase a car or a two-wheeler, brand new or second-hand.

What is a Two-wheeler Loan?

Taking a loan may seem like a scary thought but during a time of financial need, it can prove to be the most helpful tool. One such loan is the two-wheeler loan which equips you with enough funds to purchase a two-wheeler (motorbike or a scooter). Getting a two-wheeler loan from CASHe is a sensible choice since you get to choose from various repayment plans for the two-wheeler loan, from 90 days to 540 days.

Benefits of Two-wheeler Loan

What are the benefits of a two-wheeler loan?

Streamlined Process

From the moment you download the app to when you get the loan approved, the entire process is so quick and smooth. You can apply for a two-wheeler loan on the go and without having to visit a bank.

Adequate Funds

You can borrow up to ₹4,00,000 on CASHe, so there really is no problem of falling short of funds. Having said that, you should only borrow what is absolutely necessary so that you can repay in time and without having to struggle further for funds.

Digitized Documentation

The entire process for the bike loan is taking place online so all you have to do is upload all the necessary documents (that are legible and genuine) on the CASHe app and have them verified in order to get the loan approved.

Flexible EMI Plans

Paying back the two-wheeler loan amount is no hassle either. CASHe offers EMI plans that range from 90 days to 540 days, making it very convenient and flexible for borrowers to repay the loan amount for the two-wheeler loan.


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How to Apply for a
Two-wheeler Loan?

What are the requirements for a Two-wheeler loan?

Download the CASHe mobile app

Create your account and provide all the necessary information.

Click on ‘Get Loan’.

Determine the type of loan and loan amount.

Get personal loans for 90, 180, 270, 360 and 540 days with
loan amounts from ₹15,000 to ₹4,00,000.

Wait for everything to be verified and approved.

The loan amount will be disbursed to your bank account.

This is how helped Priyanka

Priyanka has been looking forward to purchasing a two-wheeler ever since she got her license. She was only earning ₹30,000 per month.

Though the plan was to purchase a second-hand two-wheeler, she was still finding it difficult to save much by the end of the month. Priyanka decided to secure a loan for the same.

After asking her colleagues about suitable personal loan platforms, she decided to use CASHe since she heard mostly positive reviews. She downloaded the app from the Play Store and set up her account, which only took a few minutes.

She went for the 270-day loan plan and borrowed ₹50,000. She was very happy about the process being easy enough to understand and was impressed with how quickly the loan amount was disbursed to her account.

Loan Configuration for Two-wheeler Loan

CASHe offers a wide range of plans so that you can choose what is best for you.

90 days
(3 months)

Minimum Salary:

Loan Amount:
₹15,000 - ₹1,10,000

180 days
(6 months)

Minimum Salary:

Loan Amount:
₹20,000 - ₹2,10,000

270 days
(9 months)

Minimum Salary:

Loan Amount:
₹50,000 - ₹2,58,000

365 days
(12 months)

Minimum Salary:

Loan Amount:
₹75,000 - ₹3,00,000

540 days
(18 months)

Minimum Salary:

Loan Amount:
₹1,25,000 - ₹4,00,000

Requirements for applying

The loan eligibility criteria for taking a personal loan for a new bike or a second-hand two-wheeler are simple and quick to avail. Start here by checking your two-wheeler loan eligibility:

Eligibility Criteria

What is the eligibility criteria for a two-wheeler loan?

Must be an Indian citizen

Must be at least 18 years of age

Must be a salaried professional

Must have monthly salary of ₹15,000 or more

Must have a Facebook or a Linkedin Account

Required Documents

What are the documents required for a two-wheeler loan?

Photo Identity Proof
(PAN Card)

Income Proof
(Latest Salary Slip)

Identity Proof
(Aadhar Card)

Permanent Address

(Accepted Documents)

Latest Bank
Statement showing
Salary Credit

Reasons for Securing a
Two-wheeler Loan

There are multiple reasons why you should secure a bike loan online. Some of them are:

  • You are one step closer to having a convenient mode of transportation. Having your own bike makes it much more convenient to travel from one place to another without having to rely on anyone else or another form of transportation.
  • It helps to build a credit profile. By applying and securing a loan, you are paving a path for yourself to start building a credit profile. You will start improving your credit score as long as you keep paying the EMIs on time.
  • You learn about financial discipline. When you know you have a fixed amount of money being debited from your bank account, you will make sure to be careful about your finances and not indulge in unnecessary expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not mentioned here? Feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Which is the best finance for a two-wheeler?

Securing a personal loan to finance a two-wheeler is the best option since it is quick, easy, and convenient.

Can I get a loan to purchase a second-hand bike?

Yes, the two-wheeler loan (or bike loan) is applicable on second-hand bikes as well.

How can I avail an instant bike loan?

You can download the CASHe mobile app and follow a simple process to secure an instant bike loan where the loan amount will be disbursed to your bank account within a short time.

Can I finance a bike with no credit?

While it is good to have a credit score, you can still finance a bike with no credit.

What is the maximum tenure for a bike loan?

The maximum tenure for a bike loan on CASHe is 18 months where you can borrow a maximum of ₹4,00,000.

Is it good to buy a bike on EMI?

Yes, it is. This way, you can have better control over your finances and accordingly manage your expenses.

What are the EMI options available on the two-wheeler loan?

You can choose an EMI plan from Options of 90, 180, 270, 360 and 540 days.

What are the repayment options available on CASHe?

Once you choose your repayment plan, you can either opt for the auto-debit facility or make payments through NEFT/IMPS.
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