Shop now & Pay Later on Flipkart

Shop for the best deals on Flipkart now & pay back
later in easy EMIs. No credit card required.

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Ever experienced regret on missing out on those amazing deals?

Now, with an interest-free Flipkart Shopping Loan on CASHe never miss out on the best deals. What’s more? Pay back later in easy, convenient & pocket friendly EMIs.
Get the 0% interest Flipkart Shopping Loan on CASHe credited as Flipkart Gift Cards and redeem them to shop for your favourite electronics, clothing, fashion accessories, and more.


How do you apply for a Flipkart Shopping
Loan on CASHe?

Download the CASHe app

How to make the most of Flipkart Shopping Loan on CASHe?

Redeem the gift cards on Flipkart to shop for something as small as groceries to purchasing electronics and making travel bookings.


Flipkart Shopping Loan
from CASHe

This is how Anil used the Flipkart Shopping Loan and bought himself a
washing machine.


Anil was looking to purchase a new washing machine on Flipkart


He came across an amazing deal but unfortunately, he could not buy it as he did not have a credit card.


He found out about Flipkart Shopping Loan which could let him buy the washing machine without a credit card.


CASHe offered him the Flipkart Shopping Loan at 0% interest payable in 3 easy EMIs.

Flipkart Loan Configuration

90 days
Min Amt
Rs 1,000
Max Amt
Rs 60,000
180 days
0.75% (Equivalent reducing balance interest rate 1.27% per EMI)
Min Amt
Rs 6,000
Max Amt
Rs 60,000


  • How does this help?

    The coolest feature of the Flipkart shopping loan with CASHe is that the money you apply for gets instantly credited as Flipkart gift cards. Redeem the gift cards and spend on the things you need now and pay back CASHe later in easy & pocket friendly EMIs.

  • How do I avail this Flipkart gift card shopping loan?

    It is fairly simple for you to opt to have the shopping loan sent to your Flipkart Gift Card. Follow these 5-steps: Download the app > Complete your profile > Click on “Shop” button > Apply for “Flipkart shopping loan” > Get the loan disbursed to your Flipkart Gift Card.

  • How is this loan credited?

    This shopping loan is directly credited as Flipkart Gift Cards.

  • How much can I borrow and what is the interest rate?

    You can get a Flipkart shopping loan from INR 3,000 to INR 60,000. You can pay back in 90 days at 0% interest (Equivalent reducing balance interest rate 0% per EMI) & 180 days at 0.75% interest (Equivalent reducing balance interest rate 1.27% per EMI).

  • How do I pay back the shopping loan?

    Once you choose your repayment plan, you can either opt for the auto debit facility or make payments through NEFT/IMPS/UPI. Please note that we do not accept CASH/CHEQUE for repayments.
    Please write to if you need further assistance.