Terms & Conditions for refer & earn

Users who refer their friends to CASHe will henceforth be called “Referrers” and the friends who join CASHe using the referrer’s code or link will be called “Referees”.

A Referrer can participate in CASHe Refer and Earn program by referring his/ her referral code or link with eligible friends and getting them to download and register in the app for the first time.

Participation in the Refer & Earn program automatically implies an agreement to the following terms.

Who can Refer & How?

  • Users above the age of 18 years who download the CASHe app and register successfully are eligible to make referrals.
  • Each Referrer gets a unique referral code/link which she can share with other eligible users to join the CASHe platform
  • The referrer is entitled to earn some amount via scratch card for every successful referral. The amount of scratch card can vary as per company’s discretion.
  • The referrer should not be a new user, defaulted or defaulted block user in the company records to receive the referral reward.

Who will be considered a Referee?

  • The Referee must be a user who is a salaried professional above 18 years of age, earns a monthly salary of greater than or equal to Rs. 12000, received salary via cheque or directly in bank account.
  • The Referee must use the referral code or link of the Referrer to download the CASHe app on a unique device on which CASHe app was never installed.
  • All details entered by the Referee for registration such as phone number, email id, etc. must be unique and must have never been used on CASHe app earlier
  • Once the Referee uses the Referral link or code of the Referee, a referral code in order to be counted as a valid referral code will be subject to internal checks placed by the company.
  • The decision of the company will be deemed as final in case of any disputes or disagreements related to the validity of referral code.
  • The reward type and amount can vary for the Referee as per company’s discretion.

What is considered as a successful referral?

A referral will be counted as successful referral only when the referee receives his/her first CASHe loan amount.

Referral Terms

  • All the Referrer and Referees must be a resident of India.
  • All Referrers and Referees must comply with all the terms of the Referral program. Referrals will be counted as successful, and payouts will be made only if the referrals are in accordance with the terms of Referral program.
  • The Referee should not have downloaded the CASHe app and should not have registered on CASHe earlier
  • One person can be referred to the CASHe platform only once. In case two or more people refer the same person to join, the referral will be counted for the user whose referral code or link has been used
  • CASHe is entitled to run specific algorithms to qualify referrals as genuine. In case of any fraudulent or unethical practices, CASHe reserves the right to cancel all referrals and transactions and suspend the account without prior notice. No correspondence in this matter will be entertained.
    • the referral program without prior notice;
    • amend any policy features, terms, and conditions and/or any payment terms with respect to this referral or similar program; and
    • discontinue any offer related to the referral program all together without serving any prior notice
  • In the event of a dispute, the final decision rests with CASHe.
  • Daily and monthly limits for the referrals and referral payouts can be imposed and enabled without prior notice to reduce instances of fraud.
  • The amounts mentioned on each scratch card are randomly distributed and may vary for each referral and may also vary for the Referrer and the Referee.
  • There could be multiple scenarios in which a referral may seem eligible but there could be technical (or other) reasons for it to not be counted as a successful referral. In such cases the final decision rests with CASHe