Digital Gold Vs Physical Gold- Which Is Better?

Gold has been a popular investment option since time immemorial. However, back in the day, only physical gold was traded and used for investment purposes. But today the times have changed. We now live in a technologically advanced world wherein you have almost everything at the tip of your finger. Consequently, now we have gold in two forms: digital and physical.

But how is digital gold different from physical gold? Let’s find out the major differences between them and learn which one you should consider for investment. In the article, we will also understand how you can buy digital gold with CASHe.

What is Digital Gold?

Digital gold is the form of gold that you trade on a phone or computer. Though digital gold is bought online, it is always backed by physical gold kept in vaults and taken care of by the company. That’s also one of the reasons why digital gold is easy to buy and sell whenever you want, without needing to keep it at home. Instead of going to a shop and buying gold coins or bars, you can buy digital gold online from anywhere in the world. All you need to have is a digital gold investment platform like CASHe and a good internet connection.

What is Physical Gold?

Physical gold is the actual gold that you can touch and feel. It comes in the form of coins, bars, and jewellery. You can buy physical gold from a shop or bank and keep it safe in a locker or at home. Ever since the discovery of gold, it has been physically traded and hence, is always valuable. Physical gold is often considered as a way of investment. People have been buying and storing physical gold for centuries as a way to preserve wealth and tackle economic uncertainty. One of the main advantages of physical gold is its tangibility. Unlike digital gold, which exists only in electronic form, physical gold is a tangible asset and hence, it provides you with a sense of security and peace of mind.

Differences Between Digital Gold and Physical Gold

Aspect Digital Gold Physical Gold
Ownership Online Physical forms such as gold coins, bars, and jewellery
Accessibility Easy to buy and sell online with the help of a digital investment platform Requires you to visit banks or shops to buy or sell
Storage Saved in electronic form online, while backed by physical gold stored in vaults Need physical storage to keep it safe
Transaction costs Low transaction costs High transaction costs due to transportation, insurance, etc.
Liquidity Offers high liquidity as you can sell it anytime Low liquidity since selling can take longer

Best Ways to Buy Gold

Here are some best ways of buying physical gold and digital gold:

  • Online Platforms: Buy digital gold on websites or apps such as CASHe
  • Physical Dealers: Go to shops or banks to buy physical gold coins or bars
  • Gold ETFs: Invest in funds that invest in gold or gold-related companies
  • Gold Savings Schemes: Some shops or banks offer plans to save money periodically and buy gold
Buying gold

Digital Gold Investment with CASHe

With CASHe, you can buy 99.99% pure 24K digital gold for as low as ₹1. You just need to download the CASHe app from Google Playstore or App Store and create an account to start your digital gold investment journey. CASHe also allows you to convert your digital gold into jewellery and gold bars.

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How To Buy Digital Gold with CASHe

Step 1: Get the CASHe app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Verify your account with personal information.

Step 3: Find the “Gold” section in the app.

Step 4: Choose the amount of digital gold to buy

Step 5: Use debit/credit card, net banking, or UPI to purchase the gold

Step 6: Track your investment in the app