Introducing WhatsApp Credit Line on CASHe: Our new feature will get your credit line approved faster.

CASHe has launched its WhatsApp credit line services, allowing you to apply for and get approved for a credit line in 30 seconds. 

CASHe has made applying for and getting a credit line simple and quick with its new Whatsapp credit line feature. CASHe is the first and only fintech company that provides this innovative service.

There is no need to download any applications, fill out any lengthy forms, or wait days for your credit line to be approved. CASHe wants to make credit more accessible to its customers who don’t want to go through the hassle of submitting documents and visiting the banks. 

CASHe’s WhatsApp credit line service will help travellers who are short on cash or people who need extra funds for medical treatment and essentially anyone in need of small funds.  Getting a credit line has never been this easy! If you require financial aid quickly, all you need is Whatsapp and a good internet connection. 

How to use CASHe’s WhatsApp credit line feature:

Before you apply for CASHe’s WhatsApp credit line, you need to match its eligibility criteria. 

If you’re thinking that the eligibility criteria must be tough, you are wrong. To use the Whatsapp credit line feature, you don’t need to have a near-perfect credit score or a healthy credit report. All you need to be eligible is to be a salaried individual. 

That’s it!

If you’re a salaried individual, consider your application is 50% approved!

To complete the other half, here’s what you need to do. 

Follow these simple steps to get your credit line within seconds:

STEP 1: Save CASHe’s WhatsApp number +91 8097553191 on your phone. This service is available 24/7 and demands zero documents. 

STEP 2: Once the number appears on your WhatsApp contacts, send a “Hi” to us. Our virtual assistant will greet you and assist.

STEP 3: You will be given two options: 

Get an instant credit line.


Explore the main menu where you can raise a query, apply for a credit line and gain information about CASHe’s other products.

STEP 4: When you select ‘Get Instant Credit!’ 

You will be asked to provide basic details like your name as mentioned on your pan card.

STEP 5: Then our AI-powered bot will verify your inputs and automatically facilitate a formal application and KYC (Know Your Customer) check.

Once verified, you will get a pre-approved Credit Line up to ₹5,000 within 30 seconds.

And Voilà! Now you can use the money to fulfil your urgent requirements. 

But what if you need more than Rs 5000?

The answer is simple, you can download CASHe’s mobile app and secure a credit line of up to  ₹1,00,000 or get a personal loan of up to  ₹4,00,00. 

How you can benefit from this feature:

You can see how easy and simple getting a credit line has become. But does it not seem too good to be true? There has to be a catch if CASHe is offering such a quick credit line, right?

Well, to honestly answer your question, there is no catch. CASHe wanted to make getting a credit line a walk in the garden. CASHe is customer focused and only wants to better its service and procedures so their customer can have the smoothest and best experience.

That is why we have introduced our Whatsapp credit line for those customers who don’t need a big amount but a few thousand to meet their immediate needs. You don’t need to go through tedious procedures, long waiting times and downloads app for borrowing a small amount. Or face the awkwardness of asking someone to lend you some money and get some unsolicited “advice” with it.  

If you don’t have any friends or family who can help you. Using CASHe Whatsapp line can be a good option to get credit within 30 secs.