Shopping Tips You Need To Know While Shopping On A Tight Budget

Are you among those people who enjoy shopping and use it to blow off some steam?

…then go overboard and end up with peanuts in your bank account?

Well, you’re not alone. Everyone’s been there, done that.

Despite our parents’ disapproving looks and thousands of scoldings, you keep buying things on impulse and then eating instant noodles for the rest of the month.

Instead of trying to justify each impulsive purchase, you can learn a way to shop without making bad purchases or damaging your bank balance.

To help you have a fun shopping experience without any after-purchase regrets, here are a few shopping tips.

What Are The Shopping Tips You Need To Know While Shopping On A Tight Budget

  • Rent it instead of buying it

Wait! Don’t scroll away. You must have heard about renting party costumes. Well, now you can rent designer dresses, furniture, and even electronics.

Just think about it, What’s smarter? Buying a 20k brand new lehenga for your friend’s or cousin’s wedding, which you know you’ll wear only once or twice and go broke, or renting a designer lehenga for 3k and flaunting it for one night.

Don’t shame yourself before you try it.

  • Use Your Bargaining powers

If you’re not shopping in stores where the price is written in stone, then there’s always room for a bargain. Even the shops with “NO BARGAINING PLEASE” signs are open to bargaining. 

So take some tips from your mom and use your bargaining powers wherever you can.

  • Find different sellers

“Never settle for the first deal you come across, there’s always a better deal out there…”

— Indian Parent. 

And it’s true. We know it is difficult to wait to buy that one item that caught your eye but remember, all good things come for those who wait. 

So quickly use google and surf the internet for the same item or its look-alike for a lower price. And if you find a good deal somewhere else, dare to walk away and buy it from where you can get it for cheaper.

  • Browse the thrift stores

Thrifting was every smart shopper’s best-kept secret before it became cool and trendy. However, wearing secondhand clothing and items was once frowned upon. 

But since it’s cool now, would you consider thrifting to save a few bucks and find vintage items? 

  • Watch out for upcoming sales

Sales are your best friends who will offer you the hottest items at jaw-dropping discounts! Time your purchases during the sale season and have your wishlist prepared beforehand.

And to make sure you don’t go broke during the sale season, you can use a “Buy Now, Pay Later” scheme that gives you credit at 0% interest to shop, and you can repay the amount used in small, pocket-friendly instalments.

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