Should You Use Borrowed Finance to Buy a Two-Wheeler?

The common man in India usually prefers two-wheelers as a mode of transport as compared to four-wheelers. This is because two-wheelers are affordable, provide the ease to navigate through traffic, and have a comparatively lower cost of maintenance and servicing.

However, buying a two-wheeler may seem difficult when you realise that your savings may not be enough or might get exhausted if you use them to purchase a scooter or bike. This is where a two-wheeler loan can help you.

What is a Two-wheeler Loan?

A two-wheeler loan is a loan that you can avail to purchase a two-wheeler. Be it a brand-new two-wheeler or a used two-wheeler, loans are now easily available for both. Moreover, availing a two-wheeler loan from CASHe is very convenient with digital documentation and instant disbursal. You can also choose from the flexible repayment plans, from 90 days to 540 days, for CASHe’s two-wheeler loans.


Benefits of Two-Wheeler Loans

Increased purchasing power:

Since you do not need to pay the full amount from your savings at the time of buying the bike, your purchasing power increases, giving you the opportunity to choose the best two-wheeler with a loan.

Financial relief:

Paying the full amount for your new or second-hand two-wheeler upfront can be stressful, burning a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, opting for a two-wheeler loan with low interest rates and flexible EMIs can give you much-needed financial relief, where you can keep your savings for any future contingencies.

Low bike loan interest rates:

These days, banks and NBFCs offer reasonable two-wheeler loan interest rates. The interest rates may vary from lender to lender based on the bike loan tenure you choose and your loan amount.

Easy documentation process with instant two-wheeler loan approval:

Most people hesitate to apply for two-wheeler loans because of the long queues at the banks and the tiring documentation process for loan application. However, with CASHe’s online two-wheeler loans, you can apply for a loan within minutes by uploading digitised documents. Once approved, your two-wheeler loan amount will be credited to your bank account instantly.

How to Apply for a Two-Wheeler Loan on CASHe?

You can follow these hassle-free steps to avail a two-wheeler loan on CASHe:

  1. Download the CASHe app on your smartphone.

  2. Create a CASHe account and complete the KYC process.

  3. Click on the ‘Get Loan’ option.

  4. Choose the ‘Two-Wheeler Loan’ option from the different types of personal loans.

  5. Determine your two-wheeler loan amount.

  6. Choose the personal loan tenure as per your convenience. You can get two-wheeler loans with loan amounts ranging from ₹15,000 to ₹4,00,000 and with a tenure of 90, 180, 270, 360, and 540 days.

  7. Wait for your two-wheeler loan application to be verified and approved by CASHe.

  8. Once approved, your two-wheeler loan amount will instantly be disbursed to your bank account.

What Are The Documents Required To Avail A Two-Wheeler Loan?

You must have the following documents to avail a personal loan on CASHe:

  • Identity proof- Aadhaar card

  • Income proof- latest salary slip

  • Latest bank statements showing salary credit

  • Permanent address proof

  • Photo identity proof- PAN card