This International Men’s Day, Don’t Hesitate Splurge on Yourself – Infographic

Today, we celebrate the many benefits of being a man. We also acknowledge how often this privilege comes with expectations and an unfair share of judgment and ridicule. We have a long way to go when it comes to loving ourselves. The good news is that self-love isn’t reserved for women alone or until you have kids. The sooner you start practicing self-acceptance and kindness toward yourself, the easier it will be for you to love others in a similar vein when the time finally arrives. So make sure to celebrate International Men’s Day honoring yourself as 

What is the History Behind International Men’s Day?

Originally, International Men’s Day was celebrated on 7 February, but the date was eventually changed to 19 November. Jerome Teelucksingh, who revived the event, chose November 19 to honor his father’s birthday as well as to commemorate how Trinidad and Tobago’s football team united the country in their efforts to qualify for the World Cup on that date in 1989.

Ways to Spend Money on Yourself on International Men’s Day

The best way to celebrate this special day is by doing something nice for yourself – splurging on a new outfit, getting a massage, or going out with friends. You can just borrow a personal loan if you’re strapped for cash. If you want to buy yourself something big, go for it! There are plenty of ways to spend money on yourself without breaking the bank. Try these tips: 

  • Spend some time listening to your favorite music.
  • Take a vacation or a mini-vacation with friends.
  • Go get a haircut or buy your favorite pair of shoes.


Why do we celebrate Men’s Day?

Every year on November 19, people worldwide observe International Men’s Day to honor and celebrate men’s cultural, political, and social accomplishments. It is a time to raise general awareness of male issues and honor the lives, accomplishments, and efforts of boys and men.

What do you gift a man on a Men’s Day?

Some gift ideas for men include a grooming kit, a watch, a new pair of shoes, etc.

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