Top 4 Personal Finance Advise that Are Actually Helpful!

Like every other adult trying to be financially independent, you’re constantly bombarded by finance advice from uncles, finance gurus on Instagram and that cousin who bought shares once, got a Rs 500 profit and now shut up about it. 

We all have that one cousin. 

But in this sea of information and “Hacks”, it is overwhelming to differentiate which advice is actually helpful. If you hear one finance guru say invest in SIP and chill for the rest of your life while the other one says the complete opposite. Hence it is important to do your due diligence when you consider implementing someone’s financial advice.

Every hack has pros & cons, so it would be wise to take any advice whether finance related or not, with a pinch of salt. In this blog, you will learn 4 finance hacks that actually work!

Top 4 Personal Finance Advise that Actually Work!

  • Make cash payments: While shopping people choose to pay by a card or use Gpay and usually end up spending more than they wished to. That is because when you’re using cards instead of actual cash, your mind looks at the numbers in your accounts as numbers and not means to your livelihood. So next time try using cash for payments and observe the difference in your spending. 
  • Save first, spend later: Every time your salary credits into your accounts, pay yourself first by putting aside a fixed sum into your savings and then spend the remaining amount on necessary expenses. Not doing so will leave you with things you wish you didn’t buy and very low savings.
  • Automate your loan payments: Automating your loan and credit card payments can be a lifesaver & credit score saver for you. If you have a credit card or a loan, then you know missing one payment can levy hefty penalties and damage your credit score. And just like reputation, wrecking your credit score is way easier than building it. So automate your loan, EMI & other payments so you don’t miss any payments and keep dodging those penalties like a boss!
  • Use a BNPL scheme: Availing of a Buy Now Pay Later scheme can help you buy the things you need without burning a big hole in your pocket. Plus most BNPLs are interest-free and when you make timely payments, can boost your credit score. An increased credit score without having to pay any interest sounds like a perfect hack! 

With Buy Now Pay Later schemes you can plan your monthly expenses better, save and easily build your credit score. 

How to Apply for the Buy Now Pay Later Feature of Your Favorite E-com Stores!

To apply for the best e-commerce store’s Buy Now Pay Later services, all you need is CASHe’s app, your salary slips, and accurate personal details. 

Follow these simple steps to avail yourself of a loan for your next shopping spree:

Step 1: You must first download the CASHe app to use CASHe’s products.

Step 2: After downloading the app, you have to create your profile on the app. You will be asked to provide your details, like name, birth date, PIN code, city, etc.

Step 3: When you open CASHe’s app, you will notice a shopping icon on the home page. Click on that icon, and all the shopping BNPL services like Amazon BNPL, Myntra BNPL, and Big Basket BNPL, will be on your screen.

Step 4: Click on the app’s logo for which you want a loan, and the app will show you the app’s Buy Now, Pay Later options.

Step 5: Choose your loan amount, loan term, and EMI option.

Step 6: After selecting your loan details, CASHe will show you an overview of your loan details. At this stage, in case of a change of plans, you can make the changes before confirming the details.

Hit “Confirm Details,” and your details will be verified. As soon as your loan is approved, the loan amount is deposited into your Amazon Pay account without any delay.