6 Dos and Don’ts While Applying for an Instant Loan

Remember the saying, “All good things take time”?

Thro that saying into your trash bin. 

We think patience is overrated… but caution isn’t.

That is why we have listed the dos and don’ts of applying for an instant loan.

Do & Don’ts while applying for an Instant Loan:


  • Go for a loan that requires the least amount of paperwork. This will help you get the funds you require quickly without wasting time unnecessarily. CASHe’s Whatsapp Pre-Approved CASHe Limit feature approves your application and disburses your loan in just 30 seconds!

Scroll to the blog’s end to learn how to apply for CASHe’s WhatsApp loan. 

  • Apply for a loan with a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) that is registered with the RBI. With the rise in unemployment, many individuals are turning to immoral means of earning a living. Many fraudulent loan applications have recently been uncovered and penalized. However, such loan applications may still be found in your Play Store.

Before applying for a loan on their app, make sure your lender is registered with the RBI and read their ratings.

  • Choose loans with low-interest rates or those with interest-free grace periods. Paying interest on borrowed funds is unavoidable, but with an interest-free grace period, it is. You may avoid paying interest if you plan your spending and payment structure ahead of time and pay your amount back in the interest-free period. 


  • Don’t always have a loan as your first option. You should look for other ways to secure funds and exhaust those options first. For example, if you need a loan for a small amount, you should first consider your savings or borrow from family and friends. If none of these solutions work, only then should you seek a loan.
  • If you can’t pay the interest rates on unsecured loans, don’t get them. Many consumers are hesitant to obtain a secured loan in which they must reserve an asset as security. You may quickly pay off your secured loan, which has a lower interest rate than unsecured loans, with appropriate discipline.
  • Don’t apply for a loan amount greater than the amount you need. If you do, this will lead to impulse buying and splurging. This is a grave mistake many people make that gets them into deep debt.

For example, if you need a loan of less than Rs 4 lakh, you can go for a personal loan. If you need a Pre-Approved CASHe Limit of fewer than 2 lakhs, you can avail of a personal Pre-Approved CASHe Limit, and if you need to borrow a small amount like 5 thousand rupees, you can use CASHe’s WhatsApp Pre-Approved CASHe Limit feature.

How to apply for CASHe’s WhatsApp instant loan:

Before applying for CASHe’s WhatsApp Pre-Approved CASHe Limit, you need to match its eligibility criteria, i.e., be a salaried individual. 

That’s it!

If you’re a salaried individual, consider your application 50% approved!

To complete the other half, here’s what you need to do. Follow these simple steps to get your Pre-Approved CASHe Limit within seconds:

Step 1: Save CASHe’s WhatsApp number, +91 8097553191 on your phone. This service is available 24/7 and demands zero documents. 

Step 2: Once the number appears in your WhatsApp contacts, send a “Hi” to us. Our virtual assistant will greet you and assist.

Step 3: You will be given two options: 

Get an instant Pre-Approved CASHe Limit.


Explore the main menu, where you can raise a query, apply for a Pre-Approved CASHe Limit, and gain information about CASHe’s other products.

Step  4: When you select ‘Get Instant Credit!’ 

You will be asked to provide basic details, like your name, on your PAN card.

Step 5: Our AI-powered bot will verify your inputs and automatically facilitate a formal application and KYC ‘ Know Your Customer check.

Once verified, you will get a pre-approved Pre-Approved CASHe Limit of up to ₹5,000 within 30 seconds.

And Voilà! Now you can use the money to fulfill your urgent requirements. 

But what if you need more than Rs 5,000?

The answer is simple, you can download CASHe’s mobile app and secure a Pre-Approved CASHe Limit of up to ₹ 1,00,000 or get a personal loan of up to  ₹ 4,00,00.