A Quick Guide to Digital Gold

The world is rapidly moving towards a cashless society. While some see it as an inconvenience, others see it as an opportunity to make savings and earn money in a more efficient manner. However, there is one catch: you need reliable digital currency storage solutions for your money to be secure and accessible anytime. This is where digital gold comes in handy. Digital gold offers users the security of holding values in their digital wallet with the ease of use of a coin or token. 

Why Choose CASHe For Buying Digital Gold

  • Investors can take physical delivery of the gold at their doorstep
  • Invest an amount as little as Re 1
  • Can be used as collateral for online loans
  • Digital gold is genuine, and the purity is 24K
  • It is stored safely and is 100% insured
  • It can be exchanged for physical jewelry, gold coins, and bullion


Is digital gold a good investment?

Digital gold is an excellent long-term investment since it offers flexibility and is good insurance against uncertainties.

Is digital gold better than gold?

Digital gold does have its benefits over physical gold since there is no hassle of storing it, it can be used as collateral against secured loans, and it can be bought or sold at real-time market prices.

Is digital gold real gold?

Digital gold is just the virtual form of gold.

Can I insure digital gold?

The digital gold that you will invest in will be 100% insured.