Are You Looking For An Urgent Loan? If Yes, CASHe Is The Right Place!

The nature of emergencies is such that they always strike when you least expect them to. When they do, you must meet them head-on with financial preparedness. But if you are unprepared, you might give way to panic or resort to borrowing money from friends. Instead, you should seek a personal loan.

Why borrow a personal loan?

A personal loan is disbursed quickly and without questions about the purpose of borrowing. The lending institution does not ask why you require the money and how you will use it. Where secured loans like home and car loans are used specifically to buy a house or a car, an instant personal loan can be used for practically any purpose.

So whether you face a sudden emergency (funding a medical procedure or treatment, or paying for your child’s education) or wish to realize a dream, a personal loan is the best solution. Leading apps like CASHe disburse loans up to Rs 3,00,000 in a few minutes, so you can meet the emergency at once. 

Process of availing a loan from CASHe 

  • CASHe offers loans ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 3,00,000, for  a minimum tenure of 90 days to a maximum of 1.5 years
  • Indian residents over 18 years of age, with a salaried job in a private or Government concern, with a good credit score and repayment history, are welcome to apply for the loan. The loan is not offered to self-employed persons and/or those with a low credit score
  • Whether it is a long-cherished dream or an urgent one,  CASHe loans are multipurpose The loan is disbursed quickly and asks for minimal documentation as supporting.
  • You can apply for the loan using your Google/LinkedIn/Facebook account. Next, fill in your basic details in the application and upload personal ID, residence, and income proofs as directed
  • The app checks your eligibility based on the information you provide in just a few minutes. It does this using the SLQ score. Where other lenders rely only on the CIBIL credit scores, CASHe performs thorough credit score checks using both CIBIL and Equifax scores as well as its unique SLQ (Social Loan Quotient): it is an AI-enabled algorithm to check your financial behavior and determine your suitability as a borrower. SLQ offers a far more intuitive selection approach than just checking your credit score, and improves your chances of getting a quick loan even if you were rejected by other lenders
  • Once the loan is approved, CASHe credits the loan amount to your bank account in just a few minutes
  • Repay the loan every month on the app’s bank account using UPI/NEFT/RTGS/ Debit card

Get the CASHe quick loan advantage

instant personal loan apps are galore, but CASHe scores over them all with the following advantages:

* Transparent application, eligibility, and disbursal processes

* No delays in confirming approval and disbursing the money to your bank account – a crucial factor when you are faced with an emergency

* You require just your smartphone and the CASHe app to get a quick loan. The app offers a fully digital interface with zero human interaction to get the loan. Apply for it on the app, upload your documents, and await the sanction

* Unlike other apps and traditional lenders, CASHe cuts down on approval and disbursal times by eliminating personal meetings, submitting paperwork at the lender’s branch office, and paying the processing fee cheque in person. You just need to navigate on the app when applying for the loan,  securing the loan, and repayment & foreclosures.

* CASHe has clear eligibility criteria, which you must be aware of before you apply:

Salary eligibilityMinimum loan amountMaximum loan amount
Rs 12,000Rs 1,000Rs 1,10,000
Rs 22,000Rs 25,000Rs 2,10,000
Rs 25,000Rs 50,000Rs 2,58,000
Rs 40,000Rs 75,000Rs 3,00,000
Rs 50,000Rs 125,000Rs 4,00,000

* You require only five documents to apply for a personal loan. These are:

  1. Photo ID proof: PAN card
  2. Salary proof: At least two income statements or salary slips showing salary payment
  3. Bank statement: Of the last three months showing salary credited in the account
  4. Address proof: Utility bill displaying your name/driver’s license/passport/voter ID card OR leave and license agreement showing current address
  5. Photo proof: Your selfie 

Thus, CASHe offers credit to those who need it the most, in the simplest and most uncluttered manner possible

Go ahead and get instant credit in your bank account with CASHe personal loans. It’s a decision that will help you meet all of life’s emergencies and realize many of your dreams, too.