Travelling Just Got Easier With Uber BNPL! – Infographic

While budgeting your expenses, travel is a vital inclusion. Whether this is daily travelling to your office, intercity visits for personal and professional purposes or near and travelling for social purposes, you will have to create a travel expense budget on a monthly basis. One of the most convenient ways in which you can make travelling expenses more manageable is by opting for Uber BNPL.

What is Uber BNPL

Uber BNPL is a payment system available for Uber where you can secure a deal from CASHe in the form of a gift voucher and utilise that to pay for Uber rides instead of actually paying for a ride right away. You can choose between a 90-day plan and a 180-day plan, and accordingly, repay the amount back to CASHe in instalments. Such a system allows you to avail Uber’s services without the stress of immediate payments. So whether you are constantly travelling within a city or even intercity, you can deal with the travel expenses with a buy now pay later deal from CASHe.

Growing Popularity of BNPL in Young Salaried Individuals

Salaried individuals are constantly looking for ways in which they can make life easier for themselves. What’s more, tools and methods in which their finances can be managed in a better manner are always appreciated. Young salaried individuals are not exactly equipped with dealing with sudden, exorbitant expenses. In such situations, a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) deal be of great use. These deals are convenient, it doesn’t take time to apply for them, can secure them at no-cost EMIs*, and comes with a validity of one year.


What is the minimum and maximum limit for the Uber BNPL deal?

90-day plan: Minimum – Rs. 3,000; Maximum – Rs. 10,000

180-day plan: Minimum – Rs. 6,000; Maximum – Rs. 10,000

Is buy now pay later popular in India?

It is growing in popularity and can become one of the most used payment methods.

What is the validity period of the BNPL deal?

All BNPL deals secured on CASHe come with a validity period of 1 year.

Is there an interest charged on Uber pay later?

For the 90-day plan, there is 0% interest charged and for the 180-day plan, there is a 0.5% interest charged.